Find it!


Find it! is one of the most successful games on funworld's touch screen terminal “PHOTO PLAY”. In late 2008, incognitek recreated the game for the iPhone / iPod touch platform.

In Find it!, the player is presented two images that seem to be identical on first glance. However, each pair of images differs in four details. The player has to find these differences, while a strict (and ever-shortening) time limit works against him.


  • 400 different pairs of pictures
  • more than 2500 different errors, randomly chosen per level (even if an image is encountered again, the errors won't be the same)
  • the game allows playing music from the user's collection in the background; it is recommended to deactivate the game's music in the options screen for this game mode.
  • the game features the original funworld images; they were optimized and cropped for the small size of the screen.
  • all scores are saved in a local highscore list
  • all text is localized in German and English

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Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded the game but i cannot play it on my iPhone/iPod Touch.

There are two major reasons why you would not see 'Find it!' on your device. Either one is quite easy to fix.

  • Your device is not synchronized with your iTunes installation: Connect your device to your computer and start up iTunes. Click on your device in the vertical left menu area (e.g. “My iPhone”). On top of the screen several tabs will appear. Click on the “Applications” tab. Click on “Sync Applications”. Your iTunes will now copy the downloaded applications to your device.
  • Your devices firmware is out-of-date: 'Find it' needs firmware 2.2 to work correctly. If your device has an older firmware you will not be able to play the game. Connect your device to your computer and fire up iTunes. Click on your device in the vertical left menu area (e.g. “My iPhone”). On the right side of the screen the “Summary” tab will appear. The second section on this tab is called “Version”. Click on the “Check for Updates” button. iTunes will check if there is a newer firmware version available.