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Penguflip is a successful blockbuster game on funworld's touch screen terminal “PHOTO PLAY”. incognitek recreated the game for the iPhone / iPod touch platform.

In PenguFlip, the player launches penguins into the atmosphere and flips them up as high as possible. Bring your skills and a little luck while we serve the penguins!


  • Launch up to three penguins from their small sheet of ice and flip them upwards!
  • Collect boosts and use them to let the guys rocket into space!
  • Take care that they do not fall below the screen, or the journey will be over far too soon.
  • Use the boosts wisely to rescue your penguins from dangerous situations.
  • Find hidden secrets on your way up.
  • Pros will reach more than 1000m!


iPhone Apps and News Yappler

  • Smooth 60 frames per second (powered by Sparrow)
  • Two game modes: “Single Jump” and “Triple Jump”
  • Highscore list
  • Detailed statistics
  • Exclusive Rock soundtrack (recorded by the Penguins themselves)
  • Localized in English and German
  • Supports listening to your own music during gameplay