This is the homepage of Daniel Sperl, a software developer living in Upper Austria. It is a place I use to collect and offer information about the various things I do and care about.

You can do the following things on this page:

  • Find information about myself
  • Read my blog
  • Browse and download some of the projects I have started during my studies or in my spare time.

This page was created using the popular wiki engine DokuWiki. If you like the design of the page, you can download the template in the projects section.

Here are some other pages not found in the menu:

Latest Blog entries:

Getting a static library to work on the iPhone in SDK 3 2009/08/03 06:39 Daniel Sperl
Find it! Our first iPhone game, finally available. 2009/01/05 20:46 Daniel Sperl
Running the Gimp in MacOS X Leopard 2008/04/20 16:32 Daniel Sperl
Finally - the new homepage is here 2008/01/20 17:07 Daniel Sperl


You can contact me under my e-mail address redge@incognitek.com. Since 2007, I have been living in Vöcklabruck, a nice little city just around the corner of the Upper Austrian lake area. My complete postal address is the following:

DI (FH) Daniel Sperl
Heinrich Reschauer-Straße 22/10
A-4840 Vöcklabruck
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