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NOTE: Currently, I do not have the time to maintain the template. But there is an updated version available on GitHub. Thanks to “Strubbl” for the update!

This homepage is driven by the Wiki engine DokuWiki. I wanted to achieve a clean and well arranged look, while keeping some consistency with the default template. For this reason, I created a new template. If you like it, feel free to use it in your own DokuWiki installation.

There are no restrictions whatsoever in using the template – you can regard it as being in the public domain.


  • The template was designed for the most common browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE7 & IE8). The template also works in IE6, but some of the shadow and hover effects will not be visible.
  • The template was tested in all DokuWiki versions beginning with 2007-06-26b.

Here are some other pages using this template:

So you are giving away this thing for free?!

Yes, you can happily use this template for whatever purpose. I am constantly using a lot of open source stuff myself, so I am happy to give something back to the community.

However, if you have some bucks you just want to get rid of, I would be the last to reject it. ;-)
Many thanks in advance to all donors!


You can download the latest version of the template here:

For customization, you might want the source graphics (zip includes files for Gimp and Photoshop):


Just copy the files to the directory /lib/tpl/incognitek/ in your DokuWiki installation. You can then choose the template in DokuWiki's settings dialog.


The menu in the top left position is (currently) not a wiki page, but a simple php file. Nevertheless you should be able to change the contents to your needs even without any PHP knowledge. Just have a look at the original file (menu.php) and make the necessary changes.


The most important images are the logo and the background.

  • images/logo.png – That's the logo in the upper right corner. Replace it with a logo of your own (most simply by replacing the text).
  • images/background.png – If you do not like the blue spiral, replace it with another image.


The colors for most of the elements are defined in style.ini. If you change them in this file, you do not have to alter any of the CSS files.

However, the top and bottom bars (where the trace and the site management links are found) were created using images. If you want to change the color of those, you have to edit the following files:

  • images/content_background_top.png
  • images/content_background_bottom.png

Table of contents

The table of contents is deactivated by default. To activate it, edit style.ini:

; display table of contents. "none" -> no, "block" -> yes
__display_toc__ = "block"

Tips for other Plugins


To use this plugin, you have to edit the file “action.php” of the plugin. Search for “DIV#bar__topleft” and replace it with “DIV#breadcrumbs”.

With a small change in plugin code, the country flags will appear properly at the right side of the screen. In line 102 of the same file, change the content to this:

$result  = '<div id="langswitcher" class="no" 
              style="float:right; position:relative; z-index:100;">';

Problems or suggestions?

If you have any problems with the template, don't hesitate to send me a mail (my address can be found here). I am also interested in any other feedback you have regarding the template.

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